Supporters of CirclesEurope

CirclesEurope Association is small, but steadily growing. This is also made possible through the practical and financial support from our supporters.

If you want tot support the development of CirclesEurope, please share your thoughts and contact us at: 

or make a donation: 

NL73 RABO 0332 4136 67 (BIC code RABONL2U)


CirclesEurope is supported by the following organisations:





AVANS Hogeschool

Avans University of Applied Sciences 
Centre for Public Safety and Criminal Justice

P.O. Box 732
5201 AS  Den Bosch
The Netherlands



Conferdeation of European Probation

P.O. Box 8215
3503 RE  Utrecht
The Netherlands





Circles UK

Abbey House
Abbey Square
Reading RG1 3BE 
United Kingdom



CAW Antwerpen

Lange Lozanastraat 200

2018 Antwerpen




Reclassering Nederland

Dutch Probation Service
P.O.Box 8215
3503 RE  Utrecht
The Netherlands