COSA Handbook

As a part of the European project Circles: Together for Safety (2009-2011) that preceeded the Circles4EU project, a European Handbook for COSA implementation was written. The handbook brings together the lessons learnt from Circle projects in the UK, Netherlands and Belgium and aims to support the implementation of Circles in other European countries while maintaining the high quality of provision that has been established thus far.

The handbook contains information on:

  • the Circles’ aims by outlining the type of problems that emerge from sex offenders re-entering society.
  • the necessary groundwork, which is to be done before a COSA initiative can be started;
  • the requirements that need to be in place for implementation
  • best practice and lessons learned in e.g. acquiring sustained finances, volunteer recruiting, project monitoring and evaluation;
  • protocols and manuals
  • different monitoring and evaluation procedures that ensure accountability of the project on various levels;
  • research issues, linking different types of research to different developmental stages of a Circle Project

In the framework of the Circles4EU, the European Handbook on COSA implementation, which resulted from the first Circles Together for Safety project, has been updated by the Network on the basis of the knowledge and expertise acquired in the project. In addition, a paragraph on supporting the sustainability of Circles has been added, in which elements like funding, finding volunteers, etc. are emphasized

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