Events & documentation

2019, June 14th: General meeting and mini-conference

On friday June 14th 2019, CirclesEurope organized the first General Meeting  and the first international COSA mini-conference.   The event took place at Avans University in Den Bosch, Netherlands.  


Patricia Bosch: CerclesCat

Kieran McCartan: Prison to Community Circles in South West England

Rosie Kitson-Boyce: A prison-based model of COSA

Audrey Alards: COSA in a voluntary context


2018, November 23rd: Launch of CirclesEurope

The official launch of CirclesEurope took place at the CEP Reframing Sexual Abuse, Practical Directions Conference in Riga, Latvia, on 22nd and 23rd November 2018.  Membership is now open.  New events in 2019 and our website are under development.