About COSA

Community justice initiative

Circles Of Support & Accountability (COSA, or Circles) 
is a unique community justice initiative for support and monitoring of medium- and high-risk sex offenders in and by the community.

In COSA, a sex offender (the core member) after release is supported  by three to six volunteers (the inner circle) from the local community. The inner circle assists the core member in his proces of resettling in the community by providing support and practical help, and by encouraging pro-social behavior. Volunteers are also trained to recognize behaviour that raises concerns.

If necessary, their circle coordinator wil alert members of the so called outer circle that consists of professionals, such as probation officer, therapist or police officer, who can take whatever steps necessary. 


Good results

Evaluations show that the recidivism rate of Circles participants is considerably less than than when compared to those who have not received a Circle.

European COSA projects

In 2002, COSA was first introduced in Europe, in the United Kingdom. Since then, COSA has been further implemented in the Netherlands, Belgium, Catalonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Ireland and Italy.